International collaboration is at the heart of everything we do and we are proud to be involved with several exciting projects and events across various countries.

We are ambassadors for the Knowledge for Innovation (K4i) Pact for innovation and will be hosting a St Andrews Day reception in the European Parliament in Brussels in November 2017, as well as developing workshops for start-ups as part of the 9th European Innovation Summit in Brussels.

We are always looking to build relationships with our international friends, and develop meaningful initiatives to enhance international collaboration and drive innovation and economic growth.


The Innovation Academy is launching the first of its global collaboration initiatives in 2017: the J Programme.



J Programme 2017 – visit the land of Thomas Blake Glover

Building on the historic links and cultural bonds between Japan and Scotland, The Innovation Academy’s J Programme – launching in 2017 – offers Japanese professionals a bespoke business vacation experience.


Scotland was Thomas Blake Glover’s country of birth. The first foreigner to be awarded the Order of the Rising Sun – in 1908 – his former Nagasaki residence, Glover House, is visited by over two million Japanese each year. The ‘Scottish Samurai’ is revered in his adopted land for the role he played in the early industrialisation of Japan. He was central to ventures which ultimately lead to the development of Mitsubishi and Kirin Beer.


Members of the J Programme will have the opportunity to write another chapter in this long and enduring friendship between Scotland and Japan.


As well as having the chance to improve their business English skills while playing on the world’s best golf courses, members will taste some of the finest whiskies on the planet and visit the sights which make Scotland such a big hit with international travellers.


Beyond the familiar aspects of such a vacation package though, visitors will take part in a Japan-Scotland business conference in Glasgow, where they will network with their peers and discover how they can connect with Scotland. They will also take part in the Academy’s ‘innovation experiences’ learning first-hand about the groundbreaking technologies and pioneers driving the modern day successes of Scotland’s most famous global exports.


Dates for the J Programme are flexible and can be tailored to suit companies and individuals’ needs. Visitors will be met by the Programme Director at Glasgow Airport and be based in the west of Scotland during their stay, which will include trips to Edinburgh and Stirling.


Email to find out more.




J プログラム 2017 ー トーマス・ブレイク・グラバーの生地訪問













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