Consultancy services

 Our consultancy team works with individuals, teams, boards and leaders who are seeking fresh perspectives in their approaches to achieving success. Business problems will remain just that, if bland, formulaic corporate solutions are implemented. The  Academy’s consultants apply principles of creativity and global thinking to generate new methods and strategies.

We believe that everyone can be more creative, all businesses can be more innovative and more conscious about their relationships and the environment. We promote values of equality throughout and actively help businesses to apply concepts of the circular economy in all of our recommendations.

We help to develop more inspiring leaders, empowering businesses to take different paths to in their pursuit of growth and greater innovation. We also endeavour to bring teams and sectors together to collaborate: it’s the new competition and the lifeblood of innovation.

Our core team

We have a world-leading agile team of consultants who are passionate, experienced and creative. Depending on your needs, we can work as individual consultants, or collaborate as a programme team for larger projects. We bring a consistent ethos and approach but each of us brings our own value of individual experience, expertise and insight to each project. As well as the core team below, we have an enviable network of trusted experts in all business areas as well as leading digital and technology consultants for bespoke solutions.

We can provide your business with an ‘innovation health-check’, providing tailored recommendations and implementation support.  Get in touch for an initial discussion.