Consultancy services

 Our consultancy team works with individuals, teams, boards and leaders who are seeking fresh perspectives in their approaches to achieving success. Business problems will remain just that, if bland, formulaic corporate solutions are implemented. The  Academy’s consultants apply principles of creativity and global thinking to generate new methods and strategies.

We believe that everyone can be more creative, all businesses can be more innovative and more conscious about their relationships and the environment. We promote values of equality throughout and actively help businesses to apply concepts of the circular economy in all of our recommendations.

We help to develop more inspiring leaders, empowering businesses to take different paths to in their pursuit of growth and greater innovation. We also endeavour to bring teams and sectors together to collaborate: it’s the new competition and the lifeblood of innovation.

Our core team

We have a world-leading agile team of consultants who are passionate, experienced and creative. Depending on your needs, we can work as individual consultants, or collaborate as a programme team for larger projects. We bring a consistent ethos and approach but each of us brings our own value of individual experience, expertise and insight to each project. As well as the core team below, we have an enviable network of trusted experts in all business areas as well as leading digital and technology consultants for bespoke solutions.

We can provide your business with an ‘innovation health-check’, providing tailored recommendations and implementation support.  Get in touch for an initial discussion.

Susan Robertson

Susan is one of the Co-founders of the Innovation Academy and a partner at Innovators Magazine. She has a background in corporate engagement and global business transformation across several industries.

Susan is passionate about finding new ways to apply creativity and pioneering new technology to business processes, and inspiring innovative mindsets and cultures that embrace perpetual change. She is a member of the Scottish Circular Economy network and a strong advocate for its principals and vision. Susan brings her belief in collaboration, as well as enthusiasm and empathy to every project.

Paul MacAlindin

Paul is a passionate musician, conductor and trainer, as well as the Director of a social charity in Glasgow.

He has worked with orchestras and ensembles all over the world including leading the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq through a fascinating and inspiring journey, which he has recently described in a successful book.

He also has a wealth of experience working internationally with corporations to help people present and lead effectively, and communicate cross-culturally. Paul has an exceptional ability to engage with insight and sensitively challenge, and brings an infectious energy to all his projects.

Sue McKenzie

Sue is one of Scotland’s leading saxophonists. She is Director of the Scottish Saxophone Academy as well as a Yanagisawa and D’Addario Woodwinds Artist.

She regularly performs with Salsa Celtica and the Glasgow Improvisor’s Orchestra as well as performing and recording across the globe with her own bands and promoting female improvising talent.

Sue is a highly renowned and sought-after teacher and coach who is passionate about creativity and inspired learning. Sue brings extraordinary talent, effortless perceptiveness and warmth to all her projects.

Hardeep Singh Kohli

Hardeep is a columnist, comedian, broadcaster and Bafta award-winner. He’s the Creative Director at the Innovation Academy, a Board Member of the National Theatre for Scotland and Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.

He has vast experience as a business and brand consultant for global corporations and a passion for applying creative concepts of storytelling and improvisation into any business scenario to drive innovation.

His wealth of experience and knowledge, combined with his charismatic approach and humour bring fresh insight into any corporate situation and he has particular expertise in board-level consultancy.