Our mission is to inspire cross-sector business audiences to accelerate actions that impact the UN 


Why? We are in a crisis situation on climate, and across the 17 areas covered by the Goals; a crisis that threatens the future of the planet. The choices and collaborations made by your company, industry or ecosystem will ultimately decide whether the vision laid out in the Goals, to 2030 – and beyond – are to be realised.

Doing the right thing is profitable! A report from the Business and Sustainable Development Commission reveals that achieving the established Goals, could create nearly 400 million jobs and generate $12 trillion in new business. Learn more from our connected network of climate leaders, investors, innovators and researchers through impact sessions that speak directly to cross-sector audiences. You will gain invaluable understanding of the emergency situation the planet is in, connect with new opportunities and take away business insight that will allow you to go further in being part of the solution, while making money – we can even cook you a meal.


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Identifying challenges and truths, removing layers of bureaucracy and overcoming obstructive processes.


Creating powerful and diverse communities within business and society. Encouraging cultures of fairness and transparency.


Creating connectedness in thought between daily activities, global impact, and respect for the world we live in.

Programme Elements

The Academy's courses and programmes are designed around key elements.

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